Puerto Rico Hurricane Recovery – Worker Health Supplies Donations

The Board of Directors for Workplace Health Without Borders US (WHWB-US) is issuing an urgent call  to support Puerto Rico recovery efforts.  WHWB-US has created a fund to channel tax-free monetary donations to get needed supplies to Puerto Rico.

“We are asking our OEH colleagues to donate through WHWB-US to buy protective equipment and supplies,” said Mary O’Reilly, WHWB-US president.  The organization has established a special fund and is coordinating directly with Sergio Augusto Caporal Filho, professor of Industrial Hygiene at the Graduate School of Public Health, University of Puerto Rico to get all needed items to them.

The WHWB-US Puerto Rico PPE fund provides a tax-exempt channel for those interested in responding the School of Public Health’s call for donations.   WHWB-US will purchase needed supplies and coordinate shipments so the right mix of requested supplies get to the School as quickly as possible.

Last week, the School of Public Health sent out an urgent request for donations of protective gear for communities affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  Students and faculty are working with communities to address the threat of infectious diseases during dangerous recovery efforts. The program wants to provide those involved with the necessary knowledge and supplies to protect volunteers during these activities.

To donate go to https://www.whwb-us.org and click on the Puerto Rico Donation button.

You can also use the donate button here:



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