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Select a membership type below. Join us as a Full Contributing / Voting Member or just a free Distribution List Member.

WHWB-US, an independent 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in Michigan, with the objective of promoting worker health and the health of worker’s families and communities primarily within the USA as well as globally. If you are interested in helping WHWB-US further our work, please fill out and submit one of the forms below to be added to our emailing list. As WHWB-US shares similar values and participates in some common global projects, you will also be added to the emailing list of WHWB, an international non-governmental organization,  unless you indicate otherwise.


Contributing Members - any interested individual who would like demonstrate their commitment to the values of the WHWB-US may join by a calendar year donation of $40.00 (forty dollars) or more, filling out a membership form which will require their name, e-mail address, phone number, mailing address, professional interests and areas of expertise.

Contributing members will have a specific section within the WHWB-US website accessible only to them by a logon ID and password. Contributing members will be eligible to vote on such issues as bylaws, voting for Directors and Officers of the WHWB-US, and significant project related issues and lead committees.

Memberships will also be available at a reduced rate for students and persons who are unemployed or retired from professional practice at $10.00 (ten dollars) per calendar year.

Distribution List Member  – any interested individual may be informed on the activities of the WHWB-US at no cost by filling out a form which will require name, e-mail address, phone number. Distribution List individuals will be informed of meetings and may participate in regular teleconferences but do not have voting rights, ability to lead committees, or propose to have projects affiliated or funded by WHWB-US without agreement from the WHWB-US Board.

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Membership Registration and Payment

Membership in the WHWB-US shall be available only to individuals interested in furthering the organization’s mission and who filled out the appropriate forms including required fields.

Members shall be entitled to receive notice of, attend all meetings of the members of the WHWB-US. Only Contributing members in good standing are able to participate in the membership voting process.

Please fill out one of the following electronic or manual paper forms, so we can contact you to participate in projects and various committees. As we are a voluntary membership driven organization, your help is vital to advance our mission.

Full Contributing Membership Form

Full Contributing Membership Form - Reduced Rate (Students, Retired, Unemployed)

Free Distribution List Member 

Mail-in Membership Form if electronic is not working

We are still tweaking the website. If you have any problems signing up thru the website please send your completed Membership Form with a check for either $40 for Contributing Members or $10 for Students and Reduced Memberships by mail.

Checks should be made out to WHWB-US with the memo section as membership. Please address envelopes to:



c/o Bert Schiller, Treasurer

1100 N. Main St, Suite 001 Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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