Fundraising Chair - Interin Co-Chairs

    Cheryl Schiller, CHMM

   Audrey Cunningham, MS Civil/Environmental Engineering, P.E., CSP,  CIH



Communication Chair


Jennifer B. Galvin, Ph.D., DABT, CIH

After completing her doctoral studies in pulmonary immunology at the Inhalation Toxicology Research Institute (now Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute) Jennifer completed post-doctoral training in Biochemistry at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation.  To understand how people were exposed to hazardous substances in the work place, Jennifer worked for the US OSHA performing regulatory occupational health audits.  Jennifer became board certified in Toxicology in 1989 and began her work career in the oil and gas industry.  Early in her career, environmental contamination caused by an industrial neighbor led to a proposed Superfund designation of the corporate headquarters.  Working with the community, the industrial neighbor and governing agencies, delegation of the site to the State of Oklahoma occurred.  This was the first state-delegated site clean up in the nation.  This experience led to her appointment to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) Board by the governor.  Jennifer chaired the board in 2007-2008.  In 1996 Jennifer became certified in Industrial Hygiene (IH). This helped support her leadership work co-sponsoring an integration team of medical, toxicology and industrial hygiene professionals that was responsible for setting global occupational health standards, establishing an IH management system and setting occupational exposure limits.  Her work career culminated in implementing IH metrics for employees and contractors.  Outside the corporation, she chaired the American Petroleum Institute (API) Benzene committee and it’s Technical committee for the Shanghai Health Research consortium. In addition, she was a member of CONCAWE’s European Union’s Registration, Evaluation, Assessment of Chemicals (REACH) team and the US oil industry representative to the Commission for Environmental Cooperation of North America’s Stakeholder Meeting of the Sound Management of Chemicals. In cooperation with the EPA, she presented chemicals for review to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Chemical review committee and continued that work following her retirement.  She is currently serving on the OARS WEEL Committee, as a member of WHWB and as the chairperson of the Communications Committee for WHWB-US.

Respirable Silica Chair(s)

David Goldsmith

Bernard  L. Fontaine


Strategy and Advocacy Chair

Kate Bradford


Z10 Chair(s)

Mary O'Reilly and Albert Tien

Mary is the named working group member on the ANSI/ASSE Z10 committee for the revision of this Occupational Health and Safety Standard and has been part of the Z10 committee beginning when AIHA held the secretariat for Z10.  Albert will serve as the Alternate from WHWB-US to the ANSI/ASSE Z10 committee and has developed, implemented and audited internal occupational health and safety management systems for multi-national companies and lending institutions. Mary O'Reilly and Albert Tien both serve as officers and members of the board of WHWB-US.

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