News: WHWB-US part of Organizations Represented to Revise ANSI Z10 Standard

Chicago, Illinois -January 2017. The American Society of Safety Engineers, the Secretariat of Z10 Committee, held an organizational meeting to discuss timing and resources needed for the next revision of this Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Standard. WHWB-US has been selected as one of the organizations which will help scope and write the new revisions as part of the ANSI/ASSE Z10 Committee. WHWB-US will focus on improving the suitability of this standard towards small medium enterprises (SMEs), increased focus on occupational health, and worker awareness/protection. It is foreseen that this new revision will be released in 2020. Mary O’Reilly will serve as the representative from WHWB-US and Albert J. Tien will serve as the alternate member. WHWB-US members who are interested in providing imput should join our newly formed Z10 Project committee. For more information, please contact Mary O’Reilly and/or Albert Tien.

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