Partnering With University of Michigan

Ann Arbor— Dr. Albert Tien has been selected to the Visiting Partners Program (VPP) in Occupational & Environmental Health & Safety at the University of Michigan, part of the Center of Occupational Safety & Health Engineering.

Funds for the Visiting Partners Program have been provided through the Center of Occupational Safety & Health Engineering, which is a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health funded Education and Research Center.

Over the course of the next year, Albert will be working on a certification program for Nail Salons in order to reduce chemical, biological and ergonomic exposures to workers and clients based upon implementation of good practices. A rating system will be developed which should help Nail Salon owners which implement these good practices be more competitive and serve as a benchmark for other nail salons to attain. Additionally, the rating system will make clients aware of the hygiene and exposure mitigation that the Nail Salon has put into place. By doing so this project aims to protect Nail Salon workers who often work as independent contractors and are not required to have employer provided EH&S awareness training.

After testing this certification program in a pilot, the program will be handed over to Workplace Health Without Borders –US whose volunteers will further the program nationwide.

Dr.  Tien serves currently as a member of the Board and Vice-President of WHWB-US.


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