Global Occupational Health Concerns in Developing Countries: A Partner for Social Justice

WHWB-US Board Member Bernie L. Fontaine Jr. promotes Global Occupational Health at two events. The first was at Northeast Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exhibition (NEIHce) Professional Development Course (PDC) - Thurs 3 Dec 2015 and the second was at the AIHce PDC 104 - Sat 21 May 2016. His abstract of his talk has been included below:  

Abstract: Occupational health remains neglected in developing countries because of competing social, economic, and political challenges. Understanding these challenges requires a thorough knowledge of the occupational health risks facing the workforce, public, and the environment. Developing countries need to recognize the social, political, and economic benefits to promoting occupational health in the context of work relations, especially since the majority of developing countries lack the political mechanisms, failed to calculate the economic impact, and refuse to value the social implications that translate scientific findings into effective policies. Occupational hygienists in the developed world can achieve tangible progress in promoting occupational health only by collaborating with other professionals within the same framework. There is support from external non-governmental organizations, multi-national employers, and other allied stakeholders to change the mind set by championing the business case and value of occupational health. The occupational health paradigm should focus both on the workplace as well as workers and their family in downstream family-owned enterprises.


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