Occupational Health Internship Program – Applications open for summer 2018

Do you know a student who might be interested in learning more about occupational health -- a student currently in the public health, nursing or medicine track or an energetic and curious student interested in economic and social disparities or environmental issues?


We need your help to recruit these students to apply for the Occupational Health Internship Program (OHIP).  This is the 14th year of our very successful summer program that is designed as a field-based learning experience in occupational safety and health. Teams of two students are placed with labor unions or community-based organizations to work on projects that investigate job-related health and safety issues among workers, often of new immigrant groups, employed in an under-served or a high hazard job.


Students can apply to work in any of the following cities, regardless of where they now reside: San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, New Orleans, New York City, Seattle, Puerto Rico, and Idaho Falls.  Supervision and mentorship are provided by senior occupational health researchers and their host organizations.


The deadline to apply is February 16, 2018.


The program is open both to undergraduates (3rd and 4th year) and graduate students with an interest in occupational health or related fields. A stipend is provided for the 9-week experience ($4,000 for undergraduates, $5,200 for graduates). Housing allowance is not provided but we can assist those relocating for the summer to find temporary housing.


More information about the program, and how to apply, can be obtained at the OHIP website at www.aoec.org/ohip.


Please contact me ( robert.harrison@ucsf.edu ), Administrative Program Coordinator Ingrid Denis (idenis@aoec.org) or the National Program Coordinator Sarah Jacobs (sjacobs@irle.ucla.edu) if you have any questions.


Robert Harrison, MD, MPH

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Puerto Rico Hurricane Recovery – Worker Health Supplies Donations

The Board of Directors for Workplace Health Without Borders US (WHWB-US) is issuing an urgent call  to support Puerto Rico recovery efforts.  WHWB-US has created a fund to channel tax-free monetary donations to get needed supplies to Puerto Rico.

“We are asking our OEH colleagues to donate through WHWB-US to buy protective equipment and supplies,” said Mary O’Reilly, WHWB-US president.  The organization has established a special fund and is coordinating directly with Sergio Augusto Caporal Filho, professor of Industrial Hygiene at the Graduate School of Public Health, University of Puerto Rico to get all needed items to them.

The WHWB-US Puerto Rico PPE fund provides a tax-exempt channel for those interested in responding the School of Public Health’s call for donations.   WHWB-US will purchase needed supplies and coordinate shipments so the right mix of requested supplies get to the School as quickly as possible.

Last week, the School of Public Health sent out an urgent request for donations of protective gear for communities affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  Students and faculty are working with communities to address the threat of infectious diseases during dangerous recovery efforts. The program wants to provide those involved with the necessary knowledge and supplies to protect volunteers during these activities.

To donate go to http://www.whwb-us.org and click on the Puerto Rico Donation button.

You can also use the donate button here:



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Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) Grant Funding Mozambique OHS Training

Mozambique OHS Training Program To Be Given Thanks to Grant from Underwriter’s Laboratories

WHWB-US has been funded through a grant provided by Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) in conjunction with WHWB International and Eduardo Mondlane University’s (UEM),Center for Industrial Studies, Safety and Environment (CEISA), to deliver train-the-trainer OHS capacity building for UEM faculty and staff responsible for OHS. The curriculum will include a general overview of OHS, OHS Management, Safety Hazards, Occupational Health and Hygiene, Program Implementation, and Training Techniques. The train-the-trainer course will be held in at UEM in October 2017 with instructors from WHWB-US and WHWB International. CEISA will provide the classroom infrastructure, translation and printing of training materials.

WHWB-US and WHWB International would like to thank their members who participated in the writing and submission of the grant to UL. We would like to especially thank our member Rita Galvin of UL and Brittany Wright, Corporate Citizenship/Giving Specialist UL for their assistance during the grant submission process.
Mozambique OHS Training Program To Be Given Thanks to Grant from Underwriter’s Laboratories

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WHWB-US Annual Board Meeting Oct 12-13 2017

WHWB-US Annual Board Meeting

Ann Arbor MI, October 12-13, 2017

Thursday Oct 12 starting 8 AM at NEW Center 1100 North Main St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Tel: 734.998.0160

Friday Oct 13 starting 8 AM at School of Public Health at University of Michigan

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Thanks to all members who participated in the Amazon Smile 10x

Dear WHWB-US members and supporters,

We would like to thank-you for your donations to our organization through your purchases through Amazon Smile this Thursday 16 March.  These actions help us further our mission of building awareness to the plight of underserved workers with respect to occupational health and safety. These funds help us support projects within the US and abroad.

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VPP Grant Award from University of Michigan to WHWB-US Member

Ann Arbor—Ms. Cheryl Schiller has been selected to the Visiting Partners Program (VPP) in Occupational & Environmental Health & Safety at the University of Michigan, part of the Center of Occupational Safety & Health Engineering.

Funds for the Visiting Partners Program have been provided through the Center of Occupational Safety & Health Engineering, which is a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health funded Education and Research Center.

Cheryl serves as Assistant Secretary for WHWB-US and is a member of the Board. A summary of this project is included below:

A personal note from Cheryl:  "I would welcome any of our members that have an interest and/or knowledge of this subject to contact me.  I am open to any and all suggestions as to how best to accomplish the goal of promoting safety and health awareness to the 1000's of volunteers who work tirelessly but not always safely in the service of others. Thank you in advance for your assistance.  I look forward to moving the project forward."

Project Summary:

Promoting Health and Safety Awareness Among Volunteer Workers at Disaster Recovery Sites

Volunteer workers, including many youth volunteers, provide an essential service in rebuilding communities affected by natural, man-made, or economic disasters. However, their work in disaster recovery cleanup, site rehabilitation, and construction activities can put them at risk for sustaining injuries or acquiring illnesses associated with these tasks. Most of these volunteers are recruited through community-based non-profits who, though responsible for the health and safety of their work teams, have limited technical assistance and resources to devote to developing necessary training programs.

The project aims to develop instructional tools to promote work site health and safety awareness for volunteers working in these environments by taking concepts from industry standards and customizing them for non-professional volunteers. The training tools that will be created are a Job-Site Analysis Checklist to help job coordinators identify hazards and risks before the commencement of work, a Volunteer Training Tool to instruct volunteers on how to recognize and protect themselves from workplace hazards, and a Job-Site Awareness Tool to serve as a type of “Pocket Job Hazard Field Analysis Guide” to be given to each volunteer or team leader.

The monetary stipend provided by the VPP would be used to subsidize the production of the materials which would then be distributed to community organizations and other NGO's engaged in these activities.  The final intention would be to make the products available from WHWB-US as a community outreach service. 


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Airborne particulate matter and health-Brick Kilns Project

Dr. Seshenanda Sanjel from the University of Kathmandu in Nepal has had his paper on Brick Kilns in Nepal accepted to present at the AIHCE 2017 in Seattle, WA.   Dr. Sanjel is giving a 20 minute oral presentation.  Dr. Sanjel has been working for years to improve the health of brick kiln workers in Nepal and has been a part of the Better Brick Nepal movement.  His work furthers the mission of WHWB-US.  This project will empower Dr. Sanjel  to improve working conditions at brick kilns in Nepal and to build a network of professionals to assist him in future endeavors. If you are attending AIHCE 2017, please come by and see Dr. Sanjel's presentation.

The NGO WHWB and WHWB-US has been involved with projects aimed at the reduction of silicosis in brick kiln workers and are honored to have Dr. Sanjel speak at AIHCE. His travels are being sponsored courtesy of his co-author Steve Thygerson, Dr. Malik and a special conference travel grant set up by WHWB-US.

Please click the link to his  attached abstract below:

Airborne particulate matters and health

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News: WHWB-US and Student Chapter Submit Abstract to Participate in NIOSH USE 2017 Conference

Ann Arbor, Michigan - January 2017. WHWB-US and its student chapter have submitted an abstract to participate in the Understanding Small Enterprise (USE) Conference in Denver, Colorado on October 25–27, 2017. The Center for Health, Work & Environment at the Colorado School of Public Health, in collaboration with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), will host the fourth international USE 2017 Conference. The main theme will be Engagement. Happiness. Productivity. Small enterprises benefit from creating safer and healthier workplaces. USE 2017 is a conference platform for small businesses, researchers, students, and public health professionals from around the globe to understand the unique needs of small businesses and share strategies for cultivating healthy work environments. WHWB-US encourage our members and other organizations to attend and participate in this conference. Our abstract is included below:

USE Abstract WHWB-US


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News: WHWB-US Board asks the Board of AIHA to support ISEE Lead Ban Proposal

Ann Arbor, Michigan - January 2017. The Board of WHWB-US has penned a letter to the Board of AIHA in support of the ISEE call for a ban on production of certain lead containing products. Previously the Board of AIHA stated that they do not feel that they have a mandate to call for a ban of production of potentially harmful products. The Board of WHWB-US presented a balanced approach acknowledging the difficult decision that the Board of AIHA had in not supporting a ban on production of certain products but attempted to show another approach in which AIHA could give support to organizations/governments who do have the power to ban the production of certain potentially harmful products. The Board of WHWB-US reviewed the original ISEE document and the AIHA response before sending our letter to the Board of AIHA. Please see the discussed documents below:


AIHA position paper 2016

WHWB-US Letter to AIHA

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News: WHWB-US part of Organizations Represented to Revise ANSI Z10 Standard

Chicago, Illinois -January 2017. The American Society of Safety Engineers, the Secretariat of Z10 Committee, held an organizational meeting to discuss timing and resources needed for the next revision of this Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Standard. WHWB-US has been selected as one of the organizations which will help scope and write the new revisions as part of the ANSI/ASSE Z10 Committee. WHWB-US will focus on improving the suitability of this standard towards small medium enterprises (SMEs), increased focus on occupational health, and worker awareness/protection. It is foreseen that this new revision will be released in 2020. Mary O’Reilly will serve as the representative from WHWB-US and Albert J. Tien will serve as the alternate member. WHWB-US members who are interested in providing imput should join our newly formed Z10 Project committee. For more information, please contact Mary O’Reilly and/or Albert Tien.

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